Why you need to make your own brushes?

Hi ! Today i will talk about the need to understand and create your own brushes in Adobe Photoshop or any other drawing software.

First of all STOP for searching on Internet after brushes made by different artists, in hope if you download their brushes you will draw or paint like them. It’s not true, not at all.

A brush will not do your work, drawing straight or nice lines or mantain proportions.A brush represent a pattern and you can control flow, opacity, jitter etc. or for example instead of manually drawing grass you can make a brush with multiple lines that represents a sum of lines that looks like a grass and that thing will save you time, but that’s all, this is what a brush is.

Personally i use in 90% of my drawings and paintings default brushes that bundles Adobe Photoshop, especially round brushes.

Second thought about brushes is that it’s important to know to make your own is because you will understand in depth what you draw and how to control every detail in your painting.

Finally don’t waste your time or money anymore chasing the best brush, instead focus on your drawing and painting skill.



Scared bat wallpapers[REQUESTED]

Hi there! Some of you asked me if i can make a wallpaper from my illustration “Scared bat”.

So here it is desktop and phone version.Click on them to download.


Draw whatever it’s in your mind!

It’s very important, especially if you have some art blockage or a bad day to not stop drawing. Maybe you feel sometimes down,sometimes you don’t have inspiration or you are very tired and that’s okay,it happens to all of us. But don’t stop drawing. At least try one or two sketches and you will see suddenly that your inspiration it’s back, and your bad or negative thoughts are gone.

How you get over your art blocks?

PerfectDrawStudio Wallpapers

Hello everyone! I made some cool 4k wallpapers for desktop and phone.

Click on them to download.

I’m back

Hello again everyone! Due to a host failure ,i lost my website with all articles and artworks.This is what i recover so far.I will do more frequent backups from now,my bad i know.

I hope in the future this will never happen again.

So I’m back in the business and be ready for great content.